There are many reasons for using a digital voice recorder. Voice recorders are an extremely useful piece of equipment, particularly if you have a busy job role or an active life. Voice recorders allow you to save time by audio recording what you wish to write rather than spending time writing it down. Often this audio recording can be passed to somebody else, such as a secretary, to be typed up or by running the recording through Dragon Naturally Speaking – saving you time by not typing this up yourself. Digital Voice recorders also give you the opportunity to record information on the spot. It may not always be possible to type up your thoughts or to write down every single word that your lecturer is saying to you, but with an audio recorder it is possible to accurately keep a record of the information you need. Our website provides info on  voice recorder
When using a voice recorder, it is crucial that the information you are recording is done so accurately and clearly. There is nothing worse than returning to that important interview or trying to listen to the letter that you asked your secretary to type, and finding that it is mumbled, quiet and unclear. One of the best things you can do is to spend your time looking at the best audio recorders to invest in. Good quality voice recorders such as the Olympus DS-5000 or LS-20M have accurate settings and a good audio range, meaning that your information will be accurately recorded. Spend some time working with your voice recorder to ensure that all the settings are correctly adjusted and at their optimal levels. This will mean that the audio range of your recorder is able to pick up the sounds required with a good clarity.
When using your digital audio recorder, make sure that you are speaking clearly and crisply. Make sure that you fully enunciate your words so that anyone listening knows what it is that you are saying. Leave a pause at the end of sentences and paragraphs, particularly if you require someone else to type up your recorded information. Often it is worth specifying the punctuation you require, such as a full stop, and when the information goes onto a new paragraph so there are no doubts about how the information should be presented. Punctuation is especially important when making a digital recording for Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5
Try to record information in an environment which is free from background noise. Where possible close any windows, use a room with no other people in, and try not to fiddle with any objects while recording. Background noises at the time could cover the foreground information at the time and could be distracting when listening back to the recording. If you are in any doubt about the quality of your recording, record a brief trial and note any changes that need to be made.